Land new clients and hit your earning goals month after month... with MORE free time.

Freelance writing coach

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I help freelance writers grow their  businesses strategically and sustainably, so they can break through earning plateaus and finally enjoy that “freelance lifestyle.”


If uncertainty rules your day...

From 0-$30K, most freelance writers have experienced the highs and lows of the lifestyle: feast or famine invoicing, hectic deadlines, and never quite feeling like you can unplug.


A general sense of running on the hamster wheel… but no real end goal or safety net in sight.


What if I told you there are simple, clear steps you can take to find A+ clients who value high-quality writing services, and set up business processes and systems that make your life easier and more sustainable… so you can actually enjoy your workday?

How will private coaching help you hit these goals?

I’m making some big claims, I know. Here’s why my private coaching clients see such transformative results:

🍓 Using my “Acquisition-Sales-Fullfillment” Framework, I can quickly identify your bottlenecks and tell you how to remove them.

🍓 In fact, I’ve got a framework for everything. Procrasti-learning? Constant “Squirrel!” distraction from the things that really matter to you? I have experienced the sneaky limiting beliefs and mindset traps that crop up when you start playing bigger as a person and a professional, and I can help you navigate them BEFORE they sabotage your success.

🍓 And after we talk about it, I can cherry-pick the right resources for you from dozens of detailed, practical trainings on topics that cause common issues for freelance writers in B2B, like advanced prospecting techniques, high-caliber ideating and writing skills, and negotiation (and feeling WORTH) higher freelance rates.

How can I tell you confidently that you'll skip ahead?

Because I’ve helped literally 100s of professionals and writers from different professional backgrounds use tried and true business practices and absolutely zero scammy self-promotion to start and grow a successful business:


⭐ Established business owners looking to get to the next level…

⭐ Seasoned professionals who want to bring their job experience into the freelance writing world…

⭐ Teachers, public servants, stay-at-home-parents, nurses…

⭐ … And hopefully YOU!


Strawberry had been freelancing since 2020 when they first came across Sarah’s LinkedIn profile. Writing about a mix of subjects in B2C and B2B filled their schedule… but they weren’t always writing about the topics that interested them most, and the rates they earned meant taking on a volume of work that just wasn’t sustainable.

This wasn’t the business Strawberry had envisioned — and it was time to change things up.

Strawberry started seeing a difference pretty quickly after signing up for 1:1 coaching.The first goal was booking two prospecting calls during the 90-day coaching period.  To Strawberry’s delight, they quickly surpassed that and had four calls within the first month! Suddenly their prospecting was unfolding in a new and positive way.

One of those calls was with the client Sarah had encouraged them to contact — clearly excellent advice, because that call resulted in paid work. Through that first project, Strawberry earned enough to make up the money they had invested in the coaching. It also presented a new learning opportunity.

Alyssa had been freelancing for a year and a half, and she wanted to expand her business, but she felt stuck. One of her main clients was making high demands on her time. Although she enjoyed the technical subjects she was writing about, she felt overwhelmed by this client’s shifting strategy and priorities.


The chaos of it all was leaving her with no mental energy or time to deal with the burnout she was already feeling due to the pandemic and major life changes.


With Sarah’s guidance, she learned how to reclaim control of her time and set boundaries. She set limits on her availability and guided her client into being more intentional about the projects they chose.


She was more satisfied with the time and energy she had to spend with her family and her personal life. She was even able to enjoy some leisure time reading fiction. A pleasure that had eluded her for almost a decade!

Susan was already freelance writing when she discovered Sarah and the B2B Writing Institute. The type of writing she’d been doing was mainly low-paying blog posts, and she had difficulty getting motivated to do this work. She would procrastinate until the last minute, and when she finally did do the work, she would resent having to do it for so little compensation.


Something had to change. Susan knew she had to improve her approach to her freelancing career and wanted to find better clients.


Working with Sarah yielded surprising, business-changing results for Susan. It helped her find a new and more fulfilling direction for her freelance career. Together they peeled back the layers and looked for the thing Susan could enjoy and feel motivated to work on.

I don't make these promises lightly — I only take on private coaching clients I am confident I can help.


"These trainings are easily the most valuable I've taken."

I feel really confident in continuing. I think Sarah’s personal attention  is phenomenal, and I’m grateful that she’s willing to give this as a teacher and coach.”


"This opened my eyes to what clients really want."

“Learning what marketing managers are looking for really opened my eyes to how to make myself an appealing person to hire, and helped me understand what B2B writing is about.”


"Sarah's feedback is so helpful and gave me a boost."

“Thank you for taking the time to review the white papers and share your insights. It’s incredibly helpful and gave me a boost of confidence, since that was my first white paper.

“Since then, I’ve had a client hire me to write a white paper. I’m excited and a bit nervous, but I’m so grateful to have your feedback and insights to turn to during this process.”


"With these materials, I finally get it."

“You’ve put things in terms that make sense and giving me insights into the value I bring. It has made a difference in how I feel and what I will ask for my work or time moving forward.”

Bretton quickly acclimated to the B2B marketing space to leave teaching and become a full-time writer — and earned a 20% raise!


After 12 years as high school teacher, Bretton Chatham was worried his resume wouldn’t even get noticed because he didn’t have the right type of experience. He wasn’t sure where – or even how – to begin to look for a job in writing.


(Literally as I was re-writing this page, he let me know he got another promotion and now makes almost twice as much as he did as a teacher, so his spouse can stay home with the kiddo. Tears in my eyes!)


Within weeks after implementing what he learned in B2BWI and overhauling his LinkedIn profile, Bretton was contacted by a recruiter about a full-time content writing role for an HR software company. He accepted the role and has been there since 2020, with a 20% pay increase!

Elzet upskilled her writing abilities to to jump from stay-at-home-parent to six-figure salary earner.


Elzet Blaauw always wanted to write. But throughout her schooling, it never became clear how she could actually become a writer unless she wanted to write books as a novelist.


After Elzet took a year off to build her family and enjoy family life, her previous employer reached out to see if she could write a few blog posts for the company.


That’s when she started thinking, “maybe I don’t have to go back to a corporate job.”

Terry turned in two decades of ESL to pursue his passion for writing and content creation.


Terry O. Faulkner was looking for better growth opportunities and professional advancement in his career as an ESL instructor abroad.


With guidance from Sarah and all of the B2BWI resources he still uses today, he built a network of talented and engaged professionals and gained the confidence to land freelance B2B clients.


Terry explains, “It’s incredible. I haven’t pitched anybody in months because people are knocking on the door.”

Freelance writing coach

Is it the right time to work with me in private coaching?

Email me for more details and availability.


What’s the time commitment?
And other FAQs…


It’s not possible to sign up and not finish private coaching with Sarah, because Sarah will email you and check in to see what’s going on. She’ll follow up to make sure you’re scheduled and getting the support you need to feel clued into your writing business.  🙂


If you don’t feel like you know Sarah well enough to sign up, please don’t sign up. Go ahead and spend some time on YouTube or in the free webinars to make sure her style and vibe matches what you’re looking for in a coach.


Most coaching engagements are 90-day program. It will take 90 minutes of your time up-front, then 30 minutes every other week (as well as the time you choose to invest in using the training resources!).


90-Day coaching clients are automagically dropped into the B2BWI training library, so you have everything you need to fill your unique learning opportunities in business development and business writing while we work together 1:1.

Content not available ANYWHERE else covers gaps in freelance writing, like systems and processes, managing clients, pricing, and more (it’s being updated every month!)

… These trainings cover everything you need to know about building a vibrantly successful writing career. From the writing itself, to systems and processes and pricing your work and managing boundaries with clients.