A+ clients. Paid invoices. A healthy, stable business of your own. Sound good?

Hi, I’m Sarah!👋

I help over-thinkers get out of their heads — and earn more — while navigating the ups and downs of building a high-income freelance writing business.

Personal development, business, and bravery — let me show you what I’ve learned after 10 years and $1M billed as a freelance writer:

“I created B2BWI to help mid-career professionals capitalize on their hard-won experience and enter the freelance writing space with an advantage. When you combine your existing work experience with writing craftsmanship, you become a helpful and irreplaceable resource to B2B companies creating modern content marketing — and that’s how you build a long, stable career as a writer.”

– Sarah Greesonbach, Executive writer, writing teacher, & founder of the B2B Writing Institute

Hello there, I’m Sarah! 👋 If you had told me 10 years ago that writing for businesses could make me a million dollars, I would have laughed you out of my classroom.


In 2009, I was a high school English teacher. I didn’t even know what the “2” in “B2B” stood for. 


When I was ready to leave the classroom, it seemed like I’d need to go back to school (and go into more debt) if I wanted to make something of myself…


… Until I found B2B.


Within two years as a freelancer, with limited marketing experience and NO business experience, I was nearing six figures.


I was able to fund two maternity leaves in two more years, eventually rounding out my career with three years of $200,000 billed as a freelance writer and retiring my husband so he could become a stay at home dad to two -*ahem* vibrant toddlers.


Over my 10 year career, I’ve invoiced more than $1 million as a solo freelancer. All through my writing skills. And all in B2B.


“Success” looks different for everyone, and it’s not all about money. (I am firmly anti-hustle culture).


But after training 2000+ writers through the B2B Writing Institute, preparing them for both freelance and in-house full-time writing roles, I’ve seen just what’s possible for writers who embrace their curiosity in B2B.


You don’t have to start over at the bottom rung of freelancing just because you’re new to marketing. You can learn writing skills and business processes and combine them with your existing experience to build a successful business where you call more of the shots.

I help writers...

  • ✏️ Understand how to generate recurring, high-quality leads for long-form writing work like blog posts, case studies, and white papers.
  • ✏️ Un-learn “employee habits” so you can freely and confidently operate your own business.
  • ✏️ Overcome fears and hesitations that arise when you pursue a big goal like full-time freelance.
  • ✏️ Build a real business or a career that has a meaningful impact on your quality of life, not just a side-hustle or hobby!

Writers Agree...

Turn up the volume on your business!

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Writing, business, and bravery — let me show you what I’ve learned after 10 years and $1M billed as a freelance writer: