A+ clients. Paid invoices. Free time. Sound good?

It’s hard to believe your writing skills could lead you to wealth, financial security, and creative fulfillment.

It was hard for me to believe, too! But it all changed with B2B.

Hi, I’m Sarah. 👋

In 2009, I was a high school English teacher. I didn’t even know what the “2” in “B2B” stood for. 

When I was ready to leave the classroom, I couldn’t seem to find any writing positions that paid more than $50,000. It seemed like I’d need to go back to school (and go into more debt) if I wanted to make something of myself…

… Until I found B2B.

Within two years as a freelancer, with limited marketing experience and NO business experience, I was nearing six figures.

B2B writing is the most lucrative, stable, and intellectually stimulating option for people who want to build a writing career — even if you don’t have a marketing or business background.

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