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The “B2B Writing Processes Bundle” gives you proven templates for quickly and efficiently working with a client. 

These practical video sessions and detailed materials give you insider info on creating a seamless client experience, so you can…   

 ✔️ Know what to say on a client call and send a project proposal  

 ✔️ Make a plan to get your work done without feeling overwhelmed   

 ✔️ Confidently walk clients through working with you as a B2B writer 


These proven ideas and insights will lead to real results for you this year:

One person is finding it easier to talk about the work and GET HIRED!

Another person is getting more client inquiries…

And one person even got a job!

This bundle gives you INSTANT access to five valuable B2BWI trainings...

Scheduling and Capacity Planning (Normally $97) shows you how to build a schedule of B2B writing work and understand and control your capacity to do the work well.
It’s all about work-life balance and profitability, whether you run a freelance writing business or work in-house as a full-time B2B writer. 
Organizing B2B Content With Tech (Normally $97) is a 60-minute training on using technology to organize B2B content marketing projects and balance 5-10 projects going on at any given time.
Learn the basics of project management, organization, and tech minimalism for doing great B2B writing work.



Project Proposals and Invoicing (Normally $97) shows you how to set up the right project proposals and invoicing approach for you!
We’ll look at technology options and common best practices for invoicing, and we’ll look at different kinds of proposals you can use for your writing work. 
How to Run a Prospecting Call (Normally $97) gives you fly-on-the-wall seating for several students practicing prospecting calls, plus feedback about the calls from Sarah Greesonbach.
Get the super-secret, proven prospecting call checklist and “cheat sheet” to make your future calls easy peasy. 

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Get in on the bundle now you’ll also get the Stress-Free Editorial Processes.

I’ll share the simple editorial process I’ve used for countless B2B content marketing projects that will allow you to bring a stress free experience to your workload and your client’s experience of working with you!


... Put $597 of ACTIONABLE training in your pocket for the low, one-time price.

Give 2023 a plan of ACTION — with our guarantee.


Grab this bundle today and watch it over the weekend.

We guarantee you’ll feel more confident finding clients to pitch for work in B2B writing.   

If you don’t, just send us a quick email within 7 days and we’ll completely refund your enrollment fee.