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The “B2B Writing Template Pack” Bundle shows you how! Use B2BWI’s proven process to create thoughtful, original content for every assignment that comes your way!


These practical 90-minute “masterclass” video sessions and detailed templates give you insider info on white papers, blog articles, and webinars for B2B, so you can…


✔️ Start every writing project with a clear plan


✔️ Write faster and deliver higher-quality work


✔️ Feel GREAT about what you write in B2B 🥳

These proven ideas and insights will lead to real results for you this year:

One person is finding it easier to talk about the work and GET HIRED!

Another person is getting great client feedback on her (fast!) writing work.

And one person even got a job!

This bundle gives you INSTANT access to six valuable B2BWI trainings...

Welcome to White Papers (Normally $97) is a 90-minute primer on white papers in B2B marketing featuring examples of great and not-so-great white papers and a simple, repeatable template you can use to write long form from 2000-5000 words.

See how I start every single white paper project — and how I build it up like a puzzle to make the finished product.

Webinar Script Writing (Normally $97) is a 1-hour training that walks you through planning and writing a B2B marketing webinar featuring subject matter experts from a given company.

I’ll walk you through my go-to template for writing webinars, then give you the template to work off of. 



How to Start and How to Finish (Normally $97) is a 1-hour training on capturing the attention of the executive reader with a relevant introduction and a satisfying conclusion.

See the though frameworks I use for opening and closing your long-form pieces, no matter what your niche or topic.





Structuring Long-Form Content (Normally $97) is a 1-hour training on the concept of long-form and how it’s different from other kinds of writing, especially as your word count grows.

See what goes into writing gripping content at 1000, 3000, and 5000 words, and what needs to change when a piece of content gets long.



PLUS... The newest bonus training about Thought Leadership Articles!


Get in on the bundle now you’ll also get the Welcome to Thought Leadership Articles: The 90-Minute Primer (Normally $97).

We’ll talk about best practices for ghostwriting 500-1200 word thought leadership articles for brands and executives. You’ll also get my go-to template document to kick off all your thought leadership projects. 


... Put $597 of ACTIONABLE training in your pocket for the low, one-time price of $197.

Give 2023 a plan of ACTION — with our guarantee.


Grab this bundle today and watch it over the weekend.

We guarantee you’ll feel more confident finding clients to pitch for work in B2B writing.   

If you don’t, just send us a quick email within 7 days and we’ll completely refund your enrollment fee.